To Fake or Not to Fake...?

I was pretty convinced I could fake it...until Dushane told me I couldn't. Now I'm confused because I agree with him 95% of the time. Would you buy/wear fake Christian Louboutins for a fraction of the price? It's like that episode of SATC when Samantha buys a fake Fendi and Carrie opts out because the bags just felt cheap. These Loubie knockoffs look great, so other people probably wouldn't know - same red sole, same brand imprint, they even come in the same box. But YOU would know...and maybe that's reason enough. Maybe not. What to do, what to do...

Real Loubie - Hyper Prive Peep-Toe Pumps ($865)
Fake Loubie - Architek Leather Slingbacks ($149.99)

Real Loubie - Dillian Flower Pumps ($1,695)
Fake Loubie - Python Dillian Pump ($179.99)

Real Loubie - Peep Toe Fringe Boots ($1,695)
Fake Loubie - Tina Peep Fringe Boots ($189.99)

Real Loubie - Petal Sandal ($995)
Fake Loubie - Petal Sandal ($159.99)
So there you have it. With some of the shoes, like the Fringe Boots, the lack of quality in the knockoffs is noticeable. But damn!! Look at those Petal Sandals!! I still don't know what to do. It's putting a dark cloud over my shoe rack...please help.



Anonymous said...

the petal sandal: the same exact photo. there are so many signs that it is the same exact shoe..so who are the knock-offs by?? because, to me, it seems that they just copied the photo and not the style on that last shoe. i guess i am just confused

Mihal said...

i know, i noticed that too - but maybe that means that the knockoffs are really good?! ha who knows.

ps what's the point of commenting anonymously?

Jude said...

I think you do.

It demonstrates a certain savviness to fake it and fake it well- leave all but the most expert of the experts to question.

Go for it bebe...