Light blankets and clear bra straps...

I just replaced the comforter on my bed with a light blanket...and you know what that means...spring is winding down and summer is movin' on in. You know what else that means...teeny clothes and teeny outfits - and you know what that means??
The attack of the invisible bra!! DUN DUN DUUUUUN.

No seriously, people wear these...and I see it as a big problem. Really, wearing girl clothes, especially in the summer, has its disadvantages. With all the halters, tube tops, open backs, asymmetrical tanks, and dresses with little straps, sometimes a regular bra just won't do. From what I hear, a good strapless can be very challenging to find, and if you're not small boobied enough to go braless, a stylish solution is even harder.

So somebody came up with this idea: "Let's take regular bra straps, make them plastic and clear so you can see the color of the woman's skin through it, hence making it invisible. Oh, and let's make it detachable so they can wear them any way they want and nobody will ever know!"
But here's the snag. Just because something is clear and plastic, does not make it invisible and transparent.
Nope, it just looks like you're wearing plastic straps. And that shit is TA-A-CKY!! Trust me, you're better off not wearing a bra and letting the girls hang loose. Or better yet, if you've got big boobies that require a bra, buy tops that allow you to wear real ones!! If I had a really saggy butt, trust me, you would not see me in short shorts...because short shorts are for nice tight butts. Work with what you have, be realistic about your options, and for fucks sake, please do not resort to plastic bra straps.


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