Snaps To: Where Did U Get That

You know how sometimes you just see someone and you're immediately like omg, this person is the FRESHNESS. Ferocious style, unique look, totally stunning. Put that together with the fact that she's an NYC transplant from London...and you've got Karen Blanchard and her blog Where Did U Get That. I don't know how this girl does it, but she can (and does) put anything together and make it simply right...just because it's on her. More than anything I lust over her ability to combine the "masculine" with the "feminine" - ethereal dresses with leather jackets, miniskirts with combat boots...I just can't get enough. So I had to get an interview.

1. Tell me about you!
Name: Karen Blanchard. Age: 28. Location: New York (moved from London). Occupation: Administration Assistant. Interests: Anything to do with fashion, shopping and style. Going through a phase with reading books on spirituality and the laws of attraction.

2. How/why/when did you start the blog?
I started my blog in February 2009. Since I don’t work in the industry BUT love anything fashion and style related , I craved an outlet to talk about and ‘work’ on my passion. After looking at other bloggers for years I thought ‘I could do that’ so I decided to give it a try.
3. What are the 2 ugliest things in your closet? 2 most fabulous things?
Good question:
2 ugliest: Stretched out sweater shorts & old baggy T’s that I sleep in.
2 most fabulous: Alexander McQueen white fitted white jacket. Emma Cook boots (got them after watching Ebay religiously for over 6 months!).
4. What distinguishes your style from everybody else’s?
I’m not sure how different my style is from everyone, but I do know that I’m not afraid to mix things up, ask myself ‘why not’ and have fun with getting dressed and that stemmed from London and has remained the same since moving to New York.

5. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on an article of clothing (or shoes/accessories, etc) and what was it?
A particular Balenciaga bag. Most know what they average so enough said!
6. Best fashion advice you ever got?
If you have to convince yourself to love it, don’t buy it.

7. Heels or flats?
Heels – ALWAYS heels.

8. What’s your favorite “getting ready” music?
I’m into Black Eyed Peas but any good rap or rock e.g. Jay Z, Kanye, Nickleback stuff like that? I don’t have a fave artist, just the genre’s got to be upbeat.
9. Fill in the blanks:
“Oh hell no, I’d never wear boot cut jeans again! That’s soooo 3 years ago”

10. What’s your biggest regular beauty indulgence?
Don’t have one. I’d love to find a good brow person in NY but they’ve all done botch jobs.

11. What’s the ultimate fashion sin a girl can commit?
Matchy matchy.
12. How long should you keep something you love – but never wear – before you get rid of it?
A year? If it stretches into 2 then it really should go. Ok I really need to take my own advice now that I’m remembering what’s in the basement.

13. What are 3 adjectives that describe your personality?
Funny, patient but a bit stubborn.
14. Fuck, Marry, Kill:
Jack Nicholson: I’ll make my own for him: Admire for some of his roles. Mickey Rourke: Fuck but years ago when he fed Kim Basinger strawberries from an open fridge. Jay Leno: Marry!

15. What sets your blog apart from all the other fashion blogs out there?
Being a mix of a Londoner now living in New York hopefully shows how I like to dress through a slightly different eye. Also I regularly turn the tables by taking pics of people in New York wearing an outfit I love and I ask and list where they got what they are wearing (instead of the street shots that leave you guessing).

A picture may be worth a thousand words but damn, homegirl puts me at a loss for words. Head on over to Where Did U Get That and browse the fabulousness for yourself. And again, if you're a blogger interested in being featured on the blog, shoot me an email snapsanddaps@gmail.com.



maiah said...

You are so right, we did see her at Astoria Park! Love the interview, girl :)

Petitebine said...

Nice interview <3
She is so cool!