Hair Accessories - Friend or Foe?

I've been thinking about hair accessories - barrettes, headbands, jewels, even flowers and little animals...and I think...well I think that I think that I'm kind of totally love them. You see it in Hollywood everywhere...young fashionistas paying homage to that classic look that Billie Holiday worked so effortlessly. Check out my girl Billie:
Fabulous. And here is where the trend is now:

It's fantastic right?! It adds a little pop of sophistication, funk, sassiness, style...and old-fashionedness. Yes, of course it can be over the top...case in point SJP in SATC the Movie:
But even with the risk of embarrassing myself, I decided to go forth and conquer...and try this shit for myself:

It's been a very mixed bag of opinions so far. What do you think??



Jude said...

I'm totally into it.

I've recently been donning a massive orange flower in my massive beehive of a hairdo.

May Kasahara said...

the butterfly is gorgeous. of course it's extra awesome because your hair is perfect!

and gardenias and orchids are always a hair DO * * *

fritha louise said...

i love your butterfly, it looks amazing. i really want a flower barrette like the one lucy liu is wearing.

Posh said...