Tattooed Girls are better than you...

Let's face it, Tattooed Girls are effing hot.
They're smokin...spicey...edgy, erotic, dirty...you just want them to whisper nasty shit in your ear, then take you into the back room and do it. And evidently they turn me into a lesbian.


Anyway...let's be clear that just being a girl who has tattoos does not make you a Tattooed Girl. Having a girly tattoo on your hip (sun, snowflake, japanese symbol) or on your low back (tramp stamps of all shapes and sizes) simply makes you a girl with a tattoo. Oh yeah, I have both of those and I have no shame about them. And though I'm still not a Tattooed Girl, yesterday I acquired some new ink that I feel very excited about.
My arm is pretty friggin sore today and my tattoo artist said I can't go to the gym because of all the bacteria (that makes me wanna cry) - but it comes with the territory I suppose - and all the excitement cancels out the ouchiness :).

Oh, and if you're jonzing for a new tat and you live in NYC, I HIGHLY recommend East Side Ink - Ethan Morgan was my artist and he was fantastic. Tell em the girl with the hourglass on her forearm sent you.



Glove Slap said...

So are the days of our lives.

Anonymous said...

wow, mamacita!! that is a striking, gorgeous tattoo. you're hard core now! ;-)


Jude said...

Whoa!! Look at you! Totally hardcore!

Says the girl with three tattoos to the girl with three tattoos- Tattooed Girls are better than you.