Lee Licks

Remember Lee? They make jeans? If you're anything like me you fancied Lee around 4th or 5th grade. They also make denim jackets, tops, skirts and shorts, and even dresses believe it or not. Well now they have something new to add to their repertoire...Licks. What are Licks? The equation goes like this:

Leggings + Jeans = Licks

How skinny is too skinny? Well apparently too skinny doesn't exist (which I totally support), so Lee has combined denim with leggings, added some pockets (good move), a zipper (on the fly and at the ankles) and BAM...Licks-tastic! This is the description they have on their site:

Think leggings, with a zip and a fly. These babies are so slim through the leg that if we hadn’t put a sexy zip in the inseam a normal human girl wouldn’t get them over her foot. They are the ultimate skinny jean - that give you the sleek legging look, with the durability and design features of a jean.

And these ones are my fav's:
Do I support leggings as pants? No I don't (see this post). Do I support Licks? I believe I do!!! I don't even think they're available yet in the US, but in Australia they're running about $135-$165 (US dollars). So when they get here, I'll be attempting to squeeze my ass into a pair. The ripped black ones are hot, and I think they match my tattoo so that makes them a must-have...right?