Le Smoking

I'm a very healthy person. I eat well, I exercise, I criticize fat people...oh wait. Well whatever, yeah I do, sue me. And though I would never ever ever smoke cigarettes (I don't even think I could date somebody who did), I really do love them. I love cigarettes. Not the way they smell, not what they do to your body, but the way they look.

I love the way people look when they smoke them. I love the way people look when they just hold them. Not all people. Just attractive people. Thin people, rocker types, edgy funky types, sexy people, hipsters, models of course.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across a blog called Le Smoking - like the title suggests, it's just pics of attractive people...smoking cigarettes. There are pages upon pages, dating back to June 08, I'm going to post a few of the photos but I suggest you browse on your own because there is no way just a couple pics can do the blog justice.
Obviously I've gotta show my girlfriend Wassy:

Beautiful. If I didn't care so much about my health I'd totally be puffing on one right now...while drinking black coffee and wearing black eyeliner. Oh! And lucky for us, the author of Le Smoking also has another blog that tickles my fancy. It's called Olsens Anonymous - which, just like the name suggests, post pics daily of our favorite Olsen twins.

Well if all that smoking didn't make you happy I don't know what will. But don't forget, SMOKING IS BAD. Let's just hope all of the attractive addicts out there don't get the memo so I can keep watching them do it.



Glove Slap said...

You probably get tired of me agreeing with everything you say, but I totally get this, too. As a kid, I was already against smoking, but my image of an adult self always included a smoldering cigarette and a highball (simultaneously) in my left hand, while I gestured or propped up my elbow with the right. Maybe when i'm eighty or so I will finally make my dream come true, and start smoking.
I don't care what people say, it DOES make you look cool.

Mihal said...

HA, glove slap you underestimate me. I could NEVER get tired of somebody agreeing with everything I say on the blog.

Le Smoking said...

you're a doll!

thank you for this :)


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http://absorbdissolve.blogspot.com/ said...

I agree, it's all about the attitude that goes along with it.
The right person has to be able to pull it off. It a lot of these photos they're all very blasé about it....