Ankle Foreskin

I'm sorry, but when did it become acceptable for sandals and pumps to fuse with ankle boots? The result is a large hunk of material covering the ankle...usually between 3-5 inches long (sometimes even more)...and personally I think it resembles foreskin. Observe:
What's to blame for this? Did gladiators start the trend last summer by daring to take the sandal so far up the leg? Don't get me wrong, I love ankle straps - even thick ankle straps - a tall heel with a thick ankle strap can make your legs look tall and thin. But the ankle foreskin, I really think it's crossing the line. I'm offended.

How about we take the all the hideous ankle foreskin shoes...do a little snip snip circumcision...et voila! A perfectly decent ankle strap sandal!!
I rest my case.
(Oh, and ps Little YB - you know who you are - I still love you).



Glove Slap said...

you're nuts, ankle foreskins are the hotness.

maiah said...

i'm so glad you addressed this issue! foreskin + ankle = rude!