Ain't nothing Secret about it when your shopping bag is your purse.

I'm a huge proponent of re-using bags. When I had a 9-5 I'd bring my lunch in the Verizon bag I got when I bought my Blackberry - it was a perfect bag because it was thick and glossy so it wouldn't fall apart in the rain, it had 2 long handles for easy holding, and it had a flat sturdy bottom, so by the time I got to work everything was exactly where I had put it when I left the house...no smashed fruit on the bottom. So I get that...recycle reduce reuse...YES.
What I don't get, and maybe it's just a New York City thing (because I don't remember seeing it growing up in Oregon), is re-using bags as purses...and not just any old recycled bags, but SPECIFICALLY Victoria's Secret shopping bags. You know, those smaller ones that you get when you buy like 2-5 pairs of panties or something equivalent to that size.
Yes, they're thick and glossy to protect against the rain, yes they have handles, and yes they have flat sturdy bottoms, but women all over NYC are using these bags not to carry sandwiches and oranges, but to hold their cell phones and wallets and ipods...like a purse is supposed to. They wear them on their forearms as they strut around town walking their really small dogs or staring people down through their knockoff Christian Dior sunglasses. They pile everything into them normally reserved for a purse - makeup cases, tampons, books, along with the aforementioned items. New York women everywhere are re-using their VC shopping bags and all I can think is...WTF.
(btw if you google image "person shrugging" the results are hilarious)

A few things could be going on here.

Now I know they're not doing this to save money or recycle...if they have enough money to shop at Victoria's Secret in the first place, they have at least enough money to at pick up an actual purse at a Forever 21 type store. Moreover, New Yorkers as a whole simply don't care that much about saving the earth. So 1) they either want people to know they're ladies and own/wear sexy undergarments or 2)...I mean I can't even think of a 2. There's no other reason why a woman would want to use a Victoria's Secret shopping bag in that respect.

I'm sorry, you're painfully lame. Like it hurts me inside. Go buy a real purse.


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Glove Slap said...

Ha! I wondered why people were carrying around VS bags an inordinate amount of the time. I was like, how many draws can you buy? Are people buying them one pair at a time? Yes, they are ignorant. If they weren't, they'd know dudes hate underwear.