Where there's Smoke, there's Sexy...

I LOVE SMOKEY EYES. I love them I love them I love them. Smoldering, mysterious, flirty..I feel as though a girl can't go wrong with a little (or a lot) of smokiness. If you don't know what I'm talking about you're either 1) a guy 2) a lame-o or 3) a foreigner who doesn't understand English? Whatever the case may be, below are a few variations on the smokey eye:

And of course the pop teen smokey eyed queen:
It can be dark and racoony, it can be more faint and ethereal, some people even add splashes of color to highlight outfits or eye color or just to add a little flare. Regardless of how it's done, this post is simply an ode to the smokey eye.

I don't know whether or not it's acceptable to wear it during the day...if I were high maintenance enough I would probably disregard whatever rules there were out there and do it every single morning. Alas, even on the few occasions that I go out at night, I hardly ever - in any kind of time-consuming way - attend to my eyes (though I RARELY leave the house without mascara).

The inner makeup artist inside of me thinks that everytime I attempt the smokey eye I do a bang up job, in reality I probably need some tutoring...so I took to youtube to get some hints. There are TONS of little tutorials...but for some reason I really like this girl:

She's sassy and I think the braces work for her :). She's got several tutorials that she's posted, I suggest you check the rest of them out too.

Well that's my spiel about smoke. Cigarettes are bad. But a smokey eye is a Killer.



Lesli said...

how do you think of these things? smokey eyes-why didn't we get to see your eyes? it makes the reader curious!

micol zanzuri said...

what a difference.....

i wish i was so good with macke up!