The Ultimate Boyfriend

No, the Ultimate Boyfriend is not chivalrous. Doesn't console you when you've had a bad day...doesn't surprise you with gifts or take you on tropical vacations, and the UB is not good in bed.
The UB does, however, get along with your friends...can be taken out anywhere, always looks good, is great dancer, and the UB's below-the-belt skills are ON POINT.

No homie, I'm not talking about a man!! I'm talking about the Boyfriend Jean. I touched on my affection for them in an earlier post, but now my affection has turned into a full on crush.
All the above photos are J Brand Jeans and, when worn with flats, are a beautiful marriage of casual and sexy. It's kind of reminiscent of my style growing up - well, one of my styles. Baggy jeans with Birkenstocks...and lots of beaded necklaces...that was the hippie stage. Good thing I didn't throw the Birks away!! Yeah, I own these:
True story.

I can't say I'm totally sold on the Boyfriend Jeans with heels (though I do 'prece the model's abs), but I'm sure I could be convinced if seen it done right - this is how they're trying to sell the look on the site:
Hmm, yeah I'm not really feeling it. Kind of like trying to turn pajamas into acceptable out-in-public-wear by calling them "velor track suits"...don't try to dress it up, just call it what it is...you're wearing pj's on the street.

Anyway, I haven't decided if these jeans are something I have to go out and buy or if I can literally put on a pair of boy's jeans (hello Salvation Army) and make magic that way. I'll do some research (aka shopping) and let you know.

Happy Friday!!


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