Tina Turner is the Goddess of Rock n Roll

On Sunday I watched "What's Love Got to do With It". The storyline (about Ike and Tina Turner) was depressing, but the music was SO ON POINT. I grew up hearing her Private Dancer album...liked her. Later found out she was the one who originally sang one of my favorite Missy songs "I Can't Stand the Rain"...'preciated her. When I found this video that I posted toward the beginning of the blog...in awe of her. But now, after watching the movie, getting 3 of her albums, and watching seeeveral youtube videos...obsessed.
Here are some videos...

WARNING: After viewing these videos you too will be entranced. Side effects include obsession, dancing, singing, gyrating, buying albums, illegally downloading albums, and blogging about Tina.

and of course...


It's too much to take!!! I want to watch Tina!! I want to move like Tina!! I want to sound like Tina!! I want a crazy poofy big orangy blonde weave!! I have to go blow of some steam, it's just too much...too too much.


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