Red Russian is a Girl's Best Friend

I guess I'm make-up oriented these days, as it was only a few days ago that I posted on the smokey eye.

But today is a new day. And the focus is the Red Lip - aka the Marilyn Monroe.It's sexy, it's feminine, seductive, sophisticated, polished, riskay...and it takes major cojones to try. I've been flirting with the idea for some time. I'd look at photos of women with coloring similar to mine (dark features and light skin) and think "hmmm...could I?" Example, Ms. Dita von Teese:
Looks fantastic right?! We already know the blondies (with fair skin) can pull it off, these Hollywoodettes are basically just modern day Marilyns:
But could I? The non-famous Oregon-born Jewish girl with fair skin and dark features? Suddenly I had to find out immediately. So last Sunday I stepped up to the plate and ventured into the Mac store in SoHo. I knew I wanted a matte lipstick (shiney lips are sooo last month) and with some help from the sales lady (and my good friend Mia), I finally settled on the Russian Red lipstick and (since the sales lady told me you MUST line your lips when going red) the Cherry lip pencil.

The results?

My biggest fear?
Eeek!!! So if you see me with lipstick on my teeth, 1) please forgive me, I'm new at this, and 2) PLEASE TELL ME...it's one of the un-cutest things there is!!!



Eyeliah said...

Oh it looks great on you - great post! Gwen looks the most Marilyn-esque here! I wear my red lipstick so rarely, I have to feel super saucy.
P.S You haven't entered the Giveaway on my blog yet! 3 days left, good odds. :-)
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Anonymous said...

you're so cute! love the lips!


Anonymous said...

Nice site, good job. Enjoy your writing and wit. Oh yeah...you're hot too. But I am sure you THAT comment is redundant! ;)
- Bill