I Just Wanna Romp!!

We've come a long way from the days of playing on the beach with buckets and shovels, but luckily, our clothing hasn't. The Romper, which most of us wore as kids at one time or another, is back in full force and I'm loving every minute of it. For those of you who don't know what a romper is, it's basically a one piece that resembles a marriage of overalls and shorts. Now they've been revamped for the modern chick with style - they can be tight or on the looser side, they can be low-cut to show some cleve or more conservative, and they come in all kinds of prints and fabrics and styles.

Here are a few from Topshop (click the photos for more info on the pieces):

Here's one by Insight sold at Urban Outfitters:
And here we've got some of my favorite celebs partaking in the glory:
Wear it with heels, wear it with flats - wear it with a belt or let it flow - floral, striped, solid, satin, zippers, pockets, go nuts or go low-key. Whatever you do, slide that puppy on and have some fun! It is a romper after all! Go out and play! Let loose with your stylish sexy self and damn people, do that onesie some justice!


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Geri Wu said...

I love onsies! definitely getting one for summer :D

- Geri