When Sci Fi Meets the Catwalk

They're tall and gangly - their heads large in comparison to their frail, thin bodies. Big buggy eyes, long boney fingers, tall necks, possessed looks in their eyes. They're other worldly looking...and it's haunting and mesmerizing and terrifying and beautiful all at the same time.
No, not those!! THESE:
Photos courtesy of Style.com and Model Whispers

They're your typical non-descript Caucasian catwalk models. High fashion and edgy, they hail from places like Norway and Russia. They're 5'10" and above - they hardly speak any English and they were probably scouted on the street or in a mall when they were like 14. They're alien and weird looking and fabulous. All at once they look like death and a painter's palette, and a crazy dream (nightmare?) that you can't wake up from. And I don't wanna! I can't help but stare when I see them on the streets - if nothing else, their cheekbones alone call my name.

Seriously though, do you really see a huge difference between this:
And this:
I think not!

Sigh. I love them.


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