Better to Have Loved and Lost...

About a 6 months ago I bought a cardigan at Urban Outfitters, and at the checkout counter they had little forms for a free issue of Nylon Magazine. Duh I took it...a very wise man once taught me to never turn down anything free...never ever. Well I got an issue in the mail a few weeks later, then a month after that I got the next one. I haven't stopped getting them since, and every month when it appears in my mailbox an eager smile spreads across my face. (A similar thing happened with Seventeen Magazine in middle school, but I never anticipated a repeat).

The relevance of this is that so many of the features in that magazine inspire me - in fashion, writing, music - and a story they did this month on designer Jane Mayle was no exception. I had never heard of her before, so I had to Google. Here are some highlights from her Resort2008 Collection:
Feminine but not too girly, casual but still dress up-able, effortless looking intricate detail, vintage looking but totally new and innovative! I'm absolutely in love. "Cool, Mihal," you might be thinking, "but it's 2009 now, let's see some current collections." Well, I'd love to, but as I found out after I fell head over heels...she has discontinued her line. Jane Mayle clothing is no more. The model turned designer says her creativity hasn't hit a wall, it's just time to move on. She hasn't spilled the beans yet on what her next venture is, but my eye is certainly on this one.

Don't be too sad...I haven't finished this Nylon issue yet, I'm sure I'll find some more inspirational (and less discontinued) stuff to lift your spirits.


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