Beauty is Mother Effing Pain

**The New Boots:
**The Retail Price: $298

**The Sale Price: $150

**The Damage:

**The Solution:

**The Lesson: Beauty is indeed excruciating pain.



Unknown said...

What went wrong there?

Mihal said...

haha unforch I'm super blister-prone...maybe it's the way I walk, maybe I have awkward heels...who knows!

Maguette said...

Jeez, and this is with winter footwear? I feel bad for you when summer comes with all those "they look so cute, but hurt like hell" shoes we all love so much.

Chekka Cuomova said...

ooouuuchh!! yesss beauty is pain.. it really is!!

Anonymous said...

Oww, that looks terrible. Have you considered thicker socks?

Mihal said...

I was wearing wool socks!!