When Fashion Meets Fitness

Though I've never really talked about it on the blog, fitness is a pretty significant part of my life. I work out at least 5 days a week, I try to eat only whole foods, and I love love loooove talking to other people who love to work out (in fact, I kind of judge people who don't).

"Mihal, that's all well and good," you must be thinking, "but if I wanted to read about fitness I would be on a fitness blog". Don't worry, this ties into fashion...it's coming.

**But while we're on the topic of fitness blogs, I should mention that a new favorite of mine is The Great Fitness Experiment by Charlotte Andersen (she also blogs for Huffington Post, another fav). Check her out...she's hilarious and oh so sassy.**

Anyway, I had a gym-epiphany earlier this year, and I'd like to share it with all of you.

I have always been the type of girl who works out in cut-off sweats (capri length) and a baggy tshirt. Not because I was self-conscious about my body, and not because I thought it was particularly cute, but because it was easy and I didn't have to think about inadvertently showing skin, or - let's be real here - maybe my armpits hadn't been shaved in like 5 days and I didn't wanna flash my hairy pits.
Ok well it wasn't that bad...but you know what I mean? I just didn't wanna think about the way I looked while I was a-pumpin'-tha-iiiiiron. Then I'd see girls dressed like this...
...and I'd think to myself, wtf, is this a friggin Miss America contest? That's not what all this is about!

Guess what, it is. Yes, working out is about health, but it's also about vanity. I didn't truly understand the benefit of this until my mom came to visit and took me to Nike where I got real workout outfits...like clothes that were made specifically for working out. I got pants like these:
They hug the curves real nice and magically don't show pantylines (I think working out in a thong is the worse sounding idea EVER). So by this point I was wearing the new pants and still rocking the baggy tshirt, and I thought to myself, go all the way Mihal, live a little. The next day I wore the pants with a beater...and honey, I've never felt better! I have become one of those girls and I'm loving it. Check out your arms when you're doing those bicep curls! Steal a glimpse at that those tight quads when you're coming up from that squat! Swish those hips on the way to the water fountain! And stretch without getting caught up in extra fabric at the end of your sweat session.

Do I miss the days of cut-off sweats and oversized t's? Nope. Though I keep the t-shirts around for those off-days (read: bloated belly, hairy armpits, etc.), aint nothing like seeing your progress in some fun sexy gym outfits. Go ahead, buy some real clothes that were meant for working out...shave those pits and put on a tank top...strut your stuff, flaunt that bod...if you've got a little jiggle, Nike makes clothes to suck that shit in!! And maybe try a spinning class while you're at it.



Charlotte said...

Mihal - you crack me up! Glad the new clothes helped you find your gym mojo! I bet you look foxy! And thanks for the shout-out:)

Unknown said...
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