It's Cool Whip Time, Baby!

This morning in the locker room at the gym, some soccer moms were talking about Cool Whip vs. home made whipped cream. Which one tastes better, which one is better for you, which one the kids like better, etc. etc. As I left the gym, feeling good with my post workout glow, I found myself thinking about a little diddy from the past and reciting the lines in my head..."I'm mister Cool Whip, the hippest in town, I make your snacks the beeeest around, a little Cool Whip, a cookie or two, and baby your snacks will be so good!". I bring you the Cool Whip commercial from my childhood:

If you're an 80's or 90's kid, I'm assuming you know that commercial well. So after getting home from the gym and looking up the Cool Whip commercial, I thought to myself damn, there are so many great commercials that I've forgotten about...mostly from Saturday morning cartoons.

Remember Kid Sister?

Coincidentally, Kid Sister the artist named herself after that doll.

"I love the way your ring looks," - "I love the way my ring tastes!" Ring Pop:


And how about those TV show theme songs? What Would You Do?


Those crazy turtles:

Uhh, My So-Called Life?

Obviously there are endless possibilities to this post. ENDLESS. In fact, if you Youtube "80's commercials" or "90's commercials" they have volumes and volumes of compilation videos. I encourage you to go there, kick back and enjoy yourself.


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Anonymous said...

wow. total stroll down memory lane!
thanks, lady!