Nico Vega Reintroduces Rock 'n' Roll

Monday night I made my way down to the Mercury Lounge to see LA-based band, Nico Vega. Well, that's not all true...I mostly went to see their sassy frontwoman, and my long-time friend Aja Volkman. Holy rock 'n' roll was I in for a shock. Let me post a video to set the mood:

Oh shit, I was just gonna post one, but after watching that I have to post another:

Now...I don't know what kind of feeling you get watching this, but for me, seeing Nico Vega perform has redefined my feelings about rock 'n' roll. I feel re-inspired by the genre, the lifestyle, the messages behind the music, the revolution of it all, and it made me remember the abandon I used to feel when I listened to it...and on Monday night I surrendered to it all. Comprised of Aja (vocals), Rich (guitar), and Dan (drums), the band is LIVELY and the chemistry between them is ON.
But my homegirl Aja, she's one to keep your eye on...actually it's impossible to take your eyes off of her. She's got a deep husky voice that fills the room and kicks you in the gut - every time she screams into the mic you feel her angst and passion, and every time she carries a melody you wish you knew the words so you could sing along. Her energy thrusts her around the stage and into the crowd and on the ground and back up again - bouncing, dancing and jerking uncontrollably:
And did I mention the whole lotta sexy??? Always barefoot and often prancing around in leotards and other skimpy numbers, this girl oozes raw sexuality. Guys want to touch her and girls want to be her (and maybe touch her a little too). Not to mention guitarist, Rich, in his skinny jeans, boots, and nipple-revealing tank top (did I mention a southern accent?!), and drummer Dan with his bangs-in-face je ne sais quoi.
So where does the reintroduction of rock 'n' roll come in? Well, I think maybe like love or beauty or happiness, I don't know if it can totally be explained - it might just have to be experienced. They're on tour now with the Von Bondies...check out the Nico Vega Myspace for a complete schedule (and for more videos and photos). Oh! And their album just came out, you can buy that on their Myspace too. Take my word for it, this is something you want to go out of your way to see.

Love you, Aj.


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