Alexander Wang? More Like Alexander Laaaaame!

"It's almost like this modern day carnivore, but being contrasted with something that felt very structured and tailored and refined and sophisticated. My girls like to have fun, they like to go out, they wanna explore, and that's kind of very animalistic in a way, you know, no rules apply, no boundaries." - Alexander Wang

That's my boy Alex talking about his latest F2009RTW collection. We all know this kid is fabulous - all the celebs love him, all the bloggers gush about him, we're always on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what he's going to do next. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Rugged, sexy, young, undone, flirty...he gets it, and he gets it good.

So, without further ado...highlights from the Alexander Wang F2009RTW collection!!!

Fierce right??!!! WRONG. What happened here A-Wang?? Where's the SASS?! Where's the EDGE?! Where's the ORIGINALITY?! What about this is "animalistic" and "fun"?! You're Alexander Wang, dammit!! Psh, more like Alexander Lame...or Lamexander Wrong. Sigh. I'm tragically disappointed. Yeah, ok, there were a few cute things. But I don't even feel like they're worth clicking the "save as" to my desktop and uploading - they're so overshadowed by the boringness of the rest of the line.

Thankfully, people show up to his shows looking fantastic, so at least there was SOME fashion eye candy to speak of...
SJP and Anna Wintour

(that's not a typo, she changed it - buh bye Santogold)

Diane Von Furstenberg

Erin Wasson

Hamish Bowles

Zoe Kravitz
(photos from NYMag)

I can't decide if it would be smarter to pretend this line never happened - a forgive and forget situation, if you will - or to blame him for his wrong-doings and put him in the 15 minutes of fame gone by box. Since I love him and he's mostly done me right, I think I'm going to forgive and forget on this one...but I have my eye on you A-Wang. Let me down once, shame on you - let me down twice, shame on me. See you next season boo.



Anonymous said...

bicycle shorts? i agree with you. sorry mr. wang...lame

~ Faith said...

I concur... he could've done much better.