Sexy Preggers vs. Awkward Preggers

I never thought pregnant could be awkward and not sexy, but apparently it can. Last night a super preggers MIA performed "Swagger Like Us" at the Grammys - and I don't know if it was her outfit or the way she paraded around the stage or the fact that she was performing on her due date - but the whole thing made me very uncomfortable. This is the video:

Here's a closer look at the outfit:

She also had quite the red carpet getup:
Photos from Huffington Post
Um...you know?

Don't worry, I'll leave you with some sexy preggers celebs, because we all know this is how it's meant to be:

And of course...

I guess there are just some universal truths, and we find out more and more as we make our way through this web we call life. These are the ones we now know for sure: 1) Crack is Whack. 2) Performing a hip hop song on your due date is awkward.



Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i couldn't believe she was prancing around on stage on her due date. i was so nervous for her! but props to her for pulling it off. haha

Alice X said...

i disagreee, i thought MIA was fabulous, she pulls everythin goff, even that redddic henry holland dress!


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I agree. I thought she looked crude in that getup.