Runway Roadkill

Unless you live in a cave, you know that it's currently Fashion Week in NYC. The glamor, the celebs, the fashion...the photos, the labels, the crowds...everybody with any remote interest in fashion wants to be a part of it. I am no exception.

But apart from all of the fabulosity that I wish I could partake in, I have a great deal of interest in a very specific component of the runway shows. I've been to about 5 or 6 shows in my time and I've never gotten to experience it first hand, but I'm always crossing my fingers with the hopes that someday I'll witness it...the collapse of the model. The trip, the slip, the wobble, the fall.

**I should preface all this by saying that I LOVE watching people trip in real life. In college I used to look out my window on snowy/icy days and watch people walk by on the sidewalk, with the hopes of catching them in a fall. I love it. And without fail I laugh out loud every time I see it. I love their scared facial expressions on the way down, I love their body movements, I love the embarrassed looks on their faces on their way up, and I love love love when they look back behind them as they walk away, suggesting that the fall was not their fault, but instead that something had been there to trip them. It's a beautiful thing.

Huffington Post beat me to the punch and posted some falling photos from the Herve Leger show...which are all fabulous...but I'm going to take it one step further and dig through the fashion video archives of falling...enjoy!!

This video has to be my fav - I love how wobbly this model is, especially during the second fall, and the anchors' reactions are fantastic:

Skip to 16 seconds on this one:

The dancers before the show made a hole in the runway, obviously the model had to fall in it...skip to 24 seconds for the fall:

And last but not least, a falling compilation:

I don't think I've ever written LOL on the blog...but if ever there were a time to do it...this would be it. I hope that brightened your day as much as it did mine. Until the next time, walk tall, walk steady, and if you trip, laugh at yourself.


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