Erin Wasson + Johnny Cash...my muses for the night

It's 11:41pm on a Monday night, I'm listening to Johnny Cash (the only man who truly understands me right now), and I'm browsing the fashion and scene sites. I end up looking at whowhatwear, where I see THIS PICTURE of my fav model Erin Wasson from the Louis Vuitton Tribute to Stephen Sprouse party. I can't stop there, I need more. So I wander over to HER SITE and start browsing her photos. Before I get to those though, I should give her props for the music she has in the background...Steppenwolf's "The Pusher":Link

And while I love her, and I was totally feeling that song, I had already established Johnny Cash as my Erin Wasson looking music - and I suppose it's fitting really, them both being way-too-hip southerners - so I had to mute the Steppenwolf and turn up the Cash:

(I encourage you to listen to the Cash while you look at the following pics of my girlfriend):

photos courtesy of RVCA and erinwasson.com

Believe me I could post hundreds more...but to be honest all this saving and uploading is getting a little cumbersome. Anyway, hope that combo gives you as much happiness as it does me. Keep it country y'all.


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