Cures for the Common Manicures

During my usual web browsing (or "style research") this weekend, I came across some images that inspired a topic I neeeever thought I'd write about. Sometimes though, I suppose, a person can surprise herself with what she finds interesting.

This post is about manicures. I, myself, get them from time to time, but I'm a basic file, clip and polish girl - no acrylic, no designs, no tips, just straight up pink or red. When I started searching for different kinds of manicures, there was no end to the amount of crazy ish out there. Granted, these aren't the norm, but since when does Snaps & Daps bring you just the norm?!

Let's begin with the fruit manicure:

Seems pretty perfect for the Chiquita Banana lady right?

Then for the sneaker head in all of you...coordinate your kicks with your fingernails!

Do you like to garden? Got a "green thumb" as they say? Well now all your fingers can be "green":

Musical fingers has now taken on a whole new meaning:

And last, but DEF not least...can't afford those sexy Christian Louboutins? Well now, apparently, you can turn your nails into them! I bring you, the Louboutin manicure:

Aint nothin like a mindless Sunday post to get your mind off of the fact that it's Sunday and you gotta go to work tomorrow. Whoops, sorry. Can somebody get an Obama manicure and send me a photo of it - I'll post it if you do :)


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