Broke girls are still allowed to fantasize...right?

I just canceled my cable, because frankly in these tough economic times, a girl's gotta prioritize. I signed up for netflix though, and I own all of the Sex and the City dvd's (who says you can't watch each episode 89 times?) so I think I'll be ok. And though I've pretty much axed all excess spending - buying clothes, going out to dinner, buying clothes - I can't seem to get my mind out of the spending gutter when it comes to shoes. Why is that??? I just want more and more and more. And my not-yet-acquired shoe collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and more and more adventurous, and more and more out of my non-existent price range! Bah. Here's a taste of what I'm coveting...some semi-doable...most of them absolutely not.

1) I need snow/rain boots...and I would like them to be these Sorels:

There's really no explaining the logic. I want them big, I want them floppy, I want them dirty...like a lumberjack in the snow.

2) I need more ankle/just-above-the-ankle boots and I believe these Sam Edelman Balenciaga knock-offs would do the trick:

They can be seen here worn by Rumi on her blog Fashion Toast. Ok they're not Balenciaga...do I care? No. Would I accept the Balenciaga's as a gift? YesIwould. But sometimes I'm more than happy with knock-offs. I would take really good care of them...alas I can't find them anywhere.

Speaking of knock-offs I came across something pretty fabulous/terrible not too long ago while searching on ebay for a wildly cheap and beautiful pair of Louboutins (obviously I didn't find any because cheap Loub's don't exist) I came across these:

HERE is the link that goes with the photo. If you'll take note, the shoes are not what's being sold here, but rather the soles. The 1.00 mm thin red soles that you can pay a cobbler to attach to your heels so people think you're wearing the real deal. Sigh, I'm all about good lookin' knock-offs, but really? I should start selling them just so I can make fun of the people who buy them.

Needless to say, I'm always in a state of coveting (covetation?) over the real thing...
3) Even though they're totally not my estilo, I've always been drawn to the Louboutin Petal Sandal:

They have them in black too...I feel really good about both of them. And ain't nothin like a flesh colored shoe to make your legs look super long (assuming that's the color of your flesh...if not, sorry).

4) Though I've somewhat outgrown my sneaker phase, I will never turn my back on Supras and these are no exception. The Purple Supra Soprano Highs:

They look like sexy superhero wonderwoman shoes...and I feel as though they belong just south of my ankles, paired with some really skinny, really stiff dark denim Levis.

Well I'm going to stop there, because I'm salivating all over my computer and the keys are starting to stick. I had a birthday recently so if you feel so inclined...you know. If not no biggie, have a safe and sexy new year, see you in the oh-nine!


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Mmmmmmmmmm those Balenciagas....