I'm sorry, did you say Hobo?

10:28 AM me: ps do you know what a hobo bag is?
10:29 AM Maiah: yes ma'am, they're my favorite shape of bag
me: ok so i had never heard of them, but i'm gonna get a bag for my bday, so i been researching diff kinds
10:30 AM and i keep seeing "hobo" on all the sites - saks, etc. - and i'm like what the fuck is hobo
then i looked it up
you know WHY they're called hobo??
Maiah: why?
me: lol because the shape is reminiscent of the hankies that hobos hang from long sticks and carry their shit in
10:31 AM that is inappropriate!
me: i'm like, must. post.
Maiah: hahahahahahaha
me: that's just too effing strange!
Maiah: so, since that's the case, why aren't hobo's more affordable?
what designer said ima capitalize on this hobo's purse?
10:32 AM me: it's such a werid mix of high and low culture
Maiah: lol
when you say it like that it makes me feel like the hobo is the signature hollywood bag
10:33 AM with thrift store dresses and $500 hobo bags
target tshirts and manolos
So that's the intro. For those of you who are still confused, let me elaborate. Here are some examples of "The Hobo Bag":

LinkFendi - Gathered Hobo

Where does this term come from? Even though I already told you, the wikipedia definition of "Hobo Bag" is as follows:

hobo bag is a style of handbag or purse that is typically large and characterized by a crescent shape, a slouchy posture and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slump, or slouch, when set down. There are many different sizes and shapes of this popular woman's fashion accessory.

This style of purse is called a hobo bag because it resembles the shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in drawings and cartoons.

Uhh hello?? They're talking about this:

Designer bags + Hobos = Really well accessorized women...observe:

Cindy Crawford with Christian Louboutin Metallic Hobo Bag

Sienna Miller


Ashley Olson with Givenchy

Kate Moss

So I mean, I guess there's not much else to say. The Hobo Bag is a strange meshing of the "go low or go high" phenomenon - because even though all of these designer hobo bags are thousands of dollars and totally unattainable to most, they're based on an "accessory" belonging to those without - money, luxury, whatever. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them, and I WANT them. But c'mon, talk about irony!! Can't we call them "The Floppy" or "NoShapey" or "Diaper Bag" or "Boneless Bag"? No? Ok, fine.

There will probably be more to come on this Hobo-Chic/High-Low factor, it's something the SND duo is quite fond of/fascinated with. Until then, stay shabby yo.


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Julie Diamond said...

isn't that always, or at least often the case, that fashion trends follow the fringe and margins of society, and not the center? But then again, what do I know, being the fashion peasant that I am?