Pumps and Dunks

For today's boys (and some girl's too!) it's not all about the uber tight, Maria Carey dresses or even the 24 inch Beyonce heels. As attractive as all that is, ladies are elevating the laws of attraction with the addition of a very unlikely article...sneakers.

Yes! KICKS! Today's hot girl knows that rocking some booty loving jeans with fresh Dunks can still get a fella to sweat her as easily as some skin tights and stilettos. What we have today is a correction of the nonsense that prescribed any sneaker fiending girl over 18 to be under the style curve or a lesbian- the Beyonces of the world can take a lesson from these sneaker lovers.

However, I do have to say, if you are going to introduce sneakers to your sexy game, ladies, know what you're doing. This is not an invitation to throw all the beauty tips you've been taught, thus far, out the window. Still, remember...tight jeans make the world go 'round (I say that with as much passion possible), especially now, with the re-introduction of colored skinny jeans. Wear them! Not only do they make your lower torso look good enough to eat (pun?), but they draw attention to the kicks that you've deemed good enough for your feet.

You CAN rock a T-shirt! But if you do, stay out of your boyfriend's stash and get some your own size. Rocking your man's shirt, which is probably much larger than you (unless you're dating a Williamsburg dude), will hide the curves you're working with. If you're trying to be sexy with a t-shirt on, make sure your tops still have a certain amount of cling- to your chest, to your arms, etc., and doesn't billow out like a moo-moo. Patronize the dope female street wear brands like Mama and Hellz Bellz for some options. Combine your t-shirts with coordinating kicks to show that you've got the brand new flavor in your ear!

Dimepiece is one of the absolute flyest brands mixing streetwear and glam. You heard it here first, streetwear luxe!

Even while you're being arguably more casual, still take time to accentuate your facial qualities as if you were being traditional. I'm definitely not saying to slop on the clown make-up- hooker-chic went out of style after Julia Roberts did it in the red dress. I am saying, though, to continue to add make-up that accentuates what you already have: nice eyes, great cheek bones, plump lips, whatever. Wearing sneakers, as opposed to monotone heels, will allow a lot more color creativity than most heels. Kicks come in more colors than Skittles and will ante up on more room to experiment with your facial colorways.

High Snobiety implies the dopeness of this combination

Still though, the baddest (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning damnshe'ssexy) girls are the ones that have both sides on lock, that can pull from either page. Being able to dress up, or down, for the occasion, is sexier than being of the highest expertise in just one style. Show them you can rock the block or the club. Hell, you can even mash it up, think Beyonce x Nike Stiletto Pack. This hi/lo fashion fusion may be the new cleavage...almost.

Granted, mastering both styles is a difficult feat, one that takes plenty of soul/sole searching. I've yet to find the lady who holds in down in this regard, so I'm putting it out there, this is the new frontier, being paved by fashion forward females. I'll be on the lookout for the bombshell who can tell me Club Monaco and Flight Club in the same outfit, who can show me laces and cleavage in one gaze and continue to bring sexy forward.