Chicken now, Friends Forever

It was actually everything anyone with valid desires could ever want: fly people, dope DJs, dancing, fashion and the coup de grace, fried chicken and tofu. Snaps&Daps. attended yet another Dante Fried Chicken (a moment of silence for KFC) event.

The scene was hot- filled with beautiful people, dressed to the nines with the kind of creative flair one would expect at Supreme Trading in dear ol' 'billyburg. Although one would revel to simply be in the presence of curve setters (i.e. trend setters, style mavens, cool-people-you-wanna-be-like) the best quality of a party like this is the sociability of the heads in attendance. It wasn't the kind of soiree where people are only there to be seen, to stroke their streetwear covered egos; attendees were there to get up with old friends and meet new ones. In this kind of creative scene, based on working with and being inspired by who you know, the social aspect, over time, creates a family-like environment.

We got up with Downtown's Sweetheart, Va$htie- gave her props on her CRS video. Other industry insiders showed face like Buttahman from MTV and Shunda K of Yo Majesty as well as upstarts like Snaps&Daps favorite, Thelophilus London (damn, that dude can perform!). We met Jennifer, a partner behind Faux Real, budding musican/producer/actor Ayinde and promoter/dancer Lama (pronounced lamay). Peeps were in full effect.

Shout out to Fadia K, the ATLien transplant, here to give make the perfect flavor out of Georgia peaches and The Big Apple. Homegirl is busy! This creative soul has her fingers on Comeupkids.com, the Broke and Boujee party ATL party and managing soon-to-blow genre mashers, Proton. And some how, she still manages to stay grounded enough to find her greatest joy in chillin' with and meeting great people- along with some southern hospitality, she's "finna" bring all that jazz up north.

Let this be a testament to all those confused by the utter coolness associated with these kinds of parties- the coolest part of the scene is socializing with the creative class that sustains it, that is the ultimate hip, not the attention that fashion and braggadocio win you. In 20 years, when many current brands have faded, what will still remain cool is your association with the creatives who, by that time, will have made a solid impact on future pop culture. In other words, just remember: friends over fashion!