nailpolish on Amazon

Hey guess what? I just bought 3 new bottles of nailpolish on Amazon.com for under $10.

It all started when I wanted Essie's "Little Brown Dress" color - I had gotten it once at a salon manicure and it was such the perfectly rich shade of dark brown. So I walked into Ricky's where it was $11. Uh, no thanks. So I decided to go to the Essie website: $8. Still...no. So, just for fun, I took it to Amazon.com: Essie "Little Brown Dress" - $1.05.

Obviously I went a little nuts and bought 2 more shades:

LtoR: Essie "Lapis of Luxury" $3.88, China Glaze "Recycle" $2.85, Essie "Little Brown Dress" $1.05

That "Lapis of Luxury" is totally Hamptonsy (where I've never been) and pool party appropriate (which I never do)...and the China Glaze "Recycle" is the PERFECT shade of medium grey. All shipped within 5 days, and that's including the long weekend.

Needless to say I'll never be buying nailpolish at full retail price ever again. Happy shopping.

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Maiah said...

Good find! There's also a little hair supply place on Steinway that sells Essie for $5. Not nearly as great as your $1.05 but better than $11! :)