come to me: American Apparel Leotards

Summer weather is heeeere and, as always, I'm reminded that when it comes to potential outfits and looking cute...I FUCKING HATE THIS SEASON. There, I said it. I'm an autumn/spring girl - I love layers, I love options, I love being able to wear insoles in my boots to keep my back happy. Ugh, how do I plan on handling the heat this year? I think there will be lots of long chiffon dresses and skirts...but also...

I thiiiiiiiiiiiink I might be getting down with some leotards!!! With a high waisted skirt or shorts? The one above is from American Apparel - the Lame Matte Black Leotard. Oh and there's also the Cotton Spandex Micro-Mesh Gloria V Bodysuit, that I might have to buy if for no other reason than the model who is selling it soooooo righteously:

Enjoy the long weekend my lovelies!

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