Bloggers Wear: The Henley Shirt

"Bloggers Wear": Highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: The Henley Shirt.

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I am a man. I am a gentleman. I am a gentle man. I was raised by a single mother so I know how to treat a woman, but I'm the youngest of 3 brothers, so I can hold my own with the boys. (Or better yet...) I was raised by hardworking parents and I'm the youngest of 3 sisters, so I'm innately in tune with the female psyche. In college I studied philosophy, though I'm really good at math too. I want to be a philosophy professor and make a difference in the minds of young people, and in the world. Where did I go? Yale...does that really matter? Why do I wear a Henley? Honestly, it's a hand-me-down from my father. My father wore them and so did my father's father. Did I mention I come from a working class family? I do. I like to work with my hands too. I'm a Habitat for Humanity volunteer every summer. A few summers ago I helped rebuild the tragedy that struck New Orleans...I wrote an essay about it that was published in Harper's.

No, I don't listen to Jack Johnson and drink PBR, who told you that? I'm a Dylan man. A soul man. And I only drink red wine. I check my email no more than once a day and I don't text...what can I say I have a respect for the classic. Call me and let's connect that way. Let's go get a cappuccino so I can look at you...really look at you, and hear your stories.  I'm no Descartes or Locke or Nietzche, but I lend a hell of an ear. Did I mention I come from a working class family and I have 3 sisters? I do.

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Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.

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