Bloggers Wear: The Ubiquitous Denim Shorts

This introduces a new segment called "Bloggers Wear" - highlighting items that bloggers wear, how they wear them, and what they're thinking while they do. Today's edition: denim shorts.

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My denim shorts are an extension of me. Content and secure, feminine yet tough...empowered, naughty and adorable. They're Levi's because I'm classic, they're torn because I've worn them that many times, and they're vintage because I said so. Yes, they're very short - but don't bother checking for cellulite because I don't have any. Don't bother checking for stubble either, I shave every day. I like to lay in fields with them, but I also have an affinity for desolate industrial areas. I can hang like a rag doll or strut like a horse, I can giggle and socialize, or put on my Ray Bans, smoke a cigarette and not care.

Yes, I will constantly talk about getting a new pair because these ones are nearly destroyed - but pay me no mind. I love my ratty denim shorts, they are uniquely me, and my summer style is unique to the world.

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Disclaimer: If you are a blogger who has been featured on this, or any Bloggers Wear any post, please know it is with respectful sarcasm that I post and poke fun at you and your garments. All is fair in love and blogging. Peace out.  

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