Beyonce "Move Your Body" - WTF Girlfriend?!

I love Beyonce as much as the next person. The voice, the dance moves, the look - she's indisputably amazing. She recently made a video called "Move Your Body" (a remake of "Get Me Bodied") as part of Michelle Obama's initiative to keep kids from becoming big fat heifers.

Props to Michelle, props to Beyonce...but poops to the stylist!!! From the thighs up, this outfit looks like any other Beyonce gettup:

But waitaminute!!! Beyonce, wtf is happening south of your kneecaps?!

Need a closer look??!!!

What's the dealio B?! Is this your attempt at kid-friendalizing your typically scandalous song and dance? I can't handle it, and frankly I'm ashamed of both you and Mrs. Obama for stooping so low. I'm pleased that you're trying to get fat kids to move around a little bit, but you really think they'll respect you in that florescent knee-sock/booty combo?! Get it together.


Anonymous said...


Mihal said...

hellz yeah i am!!! what's the fun in loving ugly shizz??!

maiah said...

eep! beyonce!! killing me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think it looks sweeeet as man. It's retro and hip. She looks bootylicious and you are just clearly not ready for this jelly...
Soz mann :) :) :)