5 things I can't wait to see at NYFW

Well it's February - and to the fashion industry, that only means one thing: New York Fashion Week is just around the corner. 5 things I can't wait to see...?

1. Kate Lanphear:
Last season I think I saw her 3 times total, and they were all amazing. Lanphear, the Style Director at Elle Mag is a style icon...my style icon...and I look forward to seeing her signature platinum shag and her majorly menswear-centric outfits. That, and also I love how she always manages to look really rushed and over-it and tired but put-together all at once.

2. The latest Jeffrey Campbell:
Any style blogger worth her salt owns a pair of Jeffrey Campbells - and if she's cool enough to be invited to NYFW shows, I guarantee you she'll use the opportunity to flaunt her latest pair. 

3. Free crap:
It's not NYFW without a bunch of free stuff, and I whether or not I want it/need it, I take it. From makeup to hair products to coffee to hand massages - it's all unnecessary and all awesome.

4. Models doing weird things:
Streetstyle photogs convince models to do the craziest things! I don't know what they say to them, but it seems as though the models always comply. 

5) Cutoff "vintage" denim worn over tights:
NYFW always seems to be a haven for this trend. I'm guilty of it too so I'm not hating...just observing. What I will hate on is the use of the term "vintage" - just because your jeans are tattered, don't make them vintage. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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