Kadeem Johnson, Power Thrifter

Yesterday I kicked it with style blogger KADEEM JOHNSON of KJOHNLASOUL.COM.  I'm an avid reader of men's style blogs in general, but Kadeem's is definitely one of my fav's out right now. His aesthetic is tattered grunge meets alternative prep, meets...70's funk? Something like that. He refers to his own style as "grunge Africana"...which is totally awesome.
We spent the afternoon...and the evening...doing one of my favorite pastimes and apparently one of his too: thrifting. I ended up spending way more money than I intended to (but if Kadeem tells you something looks great you can't walk away from it!), and Kadeem got a crazy badass brown leather motorcycle jacket.

YOU MUST keep an eye on his blog, if for no other reason than to catch a glipse of his new jacket...and maybe some of his many glorious tattoos.

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