buenos aires installment 2 - zoom out

I know...we take one vacation and we all think we're Annie Leibovitz. Whatever. Here are some more photos of Buenos Aires - some even including yours truly. More art, but mostly historical places and nature. And yes, I wore pretty much the same thing every day.
Click below for more!

Ok well I think that's enough pretending I'm a photographer. Tomorrow I'm actually going to write something. Tune iiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!


Unknown said...

Hey Mihal...
I'm playing around on Annie and Craig's computer and just bumped into your page.... Great to have a visual taste of your adventures and of you! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip. Sorry I missed you last time you were in town..
sending love, Judith

Unknown said...

Nice pictures. Lovely. So much character.
You have a great set of eyeballs