Fall = Boots...Period.

Fall is coming and I'm more than ready for it. I've already put my shorts away (albeit prematurely, at least here in NYC), I impulse purchased a few fall scarves, and my nimble fingers have lead me to some serious online shopping for my favorite fall accessories...boots. I already have about 4-5 solid pairs from last year's rotation - but is that enough? No. Am I continually finding the need for new boot elements that I didn't even know existed? YES. I need a thicker wedge, a tougher combat, more laces, a deeper brown, a rounder toe, a different decade of vintage, a lower heel, a higher heel... the line between need and want has now become very thin. Where do I turn to indulge my addiction?

For the timeless, rugged, androgynous look, I'm all about Frye Boots. Spit on them, drag them through mud, trek through the city in them, get them caught in a tractor - these boots look just as fantastic (if not better) five years later as they do the day you buy them. Take a look at some of the classic and fall looks:
From upper left, clockwise: Harness, Heath Tall Riding, Veronica Combat, Melissa Tall Lace
Photos courtesy of Frye

Sometimes, I must admit, I'm not particularly classic. Sometimes I want my footwear to scream LOOK AT ME NOW! I'm tall! I'm stunning! I'm uninhibited and sexy and I have really good balance! This is when I turn to Jeffrey Campbell. Let me take this opportunity to brag that I've always been a wedge/platform girl - I distinctly remember showing up to my eighth grade dance in 5 inch black platform sandals while my peers wore pastel kitten heels and strappy sandals. I wore those platforms pretty much until college when my bestie made me toss them. Well, not even a decade later - they're back in style, Jeffrey Campbell is working the hell out of fall, and I'm ecstatic.
From upper left, clockwise: Lita, Pixie Fur, Denmark, Two Timer
Photos courtesy of Solestruck

Of course there's a major middle ground between classic and daring. Some of my favorites include All Saints, Aldo (yes, Aldo), Dr. Martens, Cole Haan, Bass and of course, the store we all love to hate and hate to love, the brand selections at Urban Outfitters.

As we approach Labor Day Weekend, I'd like to officially welcome you to fall footwear. Lace them up, zip them closed, shimmy into them - grab your argyle socks and cardigans and blazers and denim - welcome to the best season of them all, relish in the beauty.

Happy Shopping.

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