"The Inspired Life" - Todd Selby Sheds Light on Cole Haan Spring 2010

On this fine evening in NYC I had the pleasure of attending an event highlighting the new Cole Haan campaign. For Spring 2010 they have paired up with the truly imaginative and inspired photographer Todd Selby, and entitled the campaign "The Inspired Life". Take a look at a few images before I go on:
(To view the entire campaign, visit Selby's website HERE)

There's something about these photographs that stand out. They remind me of coffee in bed on a Sunday afternoon...or laying on a tropical beach sipping on something mango or pineapple flavored...or listening to Diana Krall on a crisp, sunny autumn afternoon in the city. They're serene and bright and alive and refreshing. They're the perfect harmony of fashion and "art" - where we don't only see product, but families, nature, love and friends. Simple, unpretentious, feel-good. It's certainly rare that an ad campaign could evoke the feelings of positivity and thoughtfulness usually reserved for art galleries and museums. This is definitely a trend for other mainstream brands to follow. Until then Cole Haan has my heart...but don't get me wrong, I can be bought...so I encourage competition for the win (wink, wink).


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