Adventures in AA, TOMS and...ERIN WASSON

It's been a week, yall. Despite finding out that my movie is going to be over a month earlier than planned (read: I'll be out of a job in about 3 weeks), this has actually been a week full of incredible surprises.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when a girlfriend of mine told me to Google myself. When I did, the American Apparel website came up and I found myself quoted on it. They lifted a quote that I wrote in a Huffington Post article about their Circle Scarf (LINK HERE)...and here's the screenshot of it (click to enlarge):
I was effing thrilled. To make matters even more awesome, they ended up sending me two of the scarves gratis - 1 really thick black one, and 1 grey one in this light jersey type material - both SO COZY and cute. So anyway back to this week. I walked into work Monday morning to ANOTHER package that had arrived from AA. I thought, oops, silly them, maybe they sent me the scarves twice. Nope. They sent me an array of other pieces that are hot in the streets right now. They're so outrageous I can't even describe them, so you know me I had to take pics (click to enlarge):
In my alter ego as American Apparel Girl, I'd be wearing things like this gold dress and metallic teal hotpants every day (I'd also be 5'9", 120 lbs, have legs for days and be able to wear heels every day without my back hurting). Alas some of these items may have to be assigned to only the most special of occasions. Wooooord UP to American Apparel for the hookup :).

Ok so that's that part. Then, like I'd previously mentioned, on Thursday I hit up Bergdorf Goodman with my homies Dushane and MJ for the launch of a new luxury line of TOMS Shoes.
Besties: Dushane and Maiah

TOMS Founder: Blake Myoskie

Oh, there's just one SUPER IMPORTANT, TOTALLY FUCKING INCREDIBLE THING THAT HAPPENED that I haven't mentioned yet. For those of you who follow the blog or know me in any way shape or form, you know that my idol, my style icon, my PERSON is model and designer Erin Wasson. I've mentioned her in like 75% of my posts, so if you don't know what/who I'm talking about feel free to take a look at the archives - particularly THIS ONE...or THIS ONE. Anyway, The Wasson was there...and I got photo:
Yes, the lighting was horrible, but I was too nervous to stand there and change my settings then take another. So I said thanks and walked away. Oy. White t tucked into dark skinny jeans, a pair of gigantic wedges that I've never seen anywhere and that simple brown hat. I love.

'prece, 'prece, 'prece all around.

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