5 products that you don't know you need...but you totally do.

Winter is inching closer and closer. Soon women's magazine covers everywhere will be drawing us in with their seasonal tips - tempting us with answers to the cold weather mysteries that have been plaguing us forever. 12 Ways to Combat Hat Hair! Top 5 Products for Those Unsightly Cuticles! Designer Creams vs. Drugstore: Who Wins the Battle? Say No to Paris Hilton: How to Use Bronzer the Right Way! ...I know you know what I mean.

I'm here to relieve you of this winter product madness and provide a whole new category of product must-haves for you: The products that you don't know you need...but you totally do.

1) Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm:
Everybody gets chapped lips at one point or another. Boys, girls, young, old. I've been using this lip stuff for at least 4 years and I've never looked back. You can also use it as a spot-type treatment on your body and face (which I've never done), but on the lips it does just fine. It smells amazing, it's majorly moisturizing and it retails for like 3-4 bucks. If you're feeling super adventurous, Palmers also makes a dark chocolate and peppermint flavored lip butter - I got it in a giftbag at a fashion show a few years back and became highly addicted. Use that one with caution.

2- I'm going to double up on this one because I love the Yes To Carrots brand and I can't choose just one product. Also if you use them one right after the other you will die of luxury and everybody must go through that at least once. "Feel The C" is the first product - it's, what they call, a pampering hand and nail spa.
It's basically this grainy, oily concoction that you rub into your wet hands and fingernails - scrub scrub scrub - wash it off, pat your hands dry, and you're left with the softest baby bottom skin hands you've ever felt. So soft, in fact, that I went and got a manicure last night and the manicurist said I had extremely soft hands. *Blush*. Anyway, then you have to get the tub of heaven, aka "C Through the Dry Spell" Body Butter.
Whatever this body butter touches will guaranteed to still be moisturized by the end of the day (that's my guarantee not theirs). It smells subtle and fresh, it's not sticky or heavy - and even though I use it every day it's lasting a surprisingly long time, a little goes a long way. These products are around 10-13 bucks - a little more than I'd normally like to shell out for a product, but way less than most people spend on equivalent (and less awesome) products. I'm also a major cheapo so I think my perspective is a little skewed.

3. Sombra Pain Relieving Gel. Ok I realize this one is kind of out of left field - but isn't that the point of this? You didn't know you needed it, but you DO.
I know body pain. Pain and I have had a very involved relationship since I was about 11 or 12 - every year I know it more and more intimately, and every year I continue to try and dump it. For those of you out there with chronic body pain, you know it's pretty much impossible to dump. Fortunately I have found a product that provides a nice amount of temporary relief. If you're lucky enough to have somebody in your life who can rub this into your aching muscles, this will be a nice treat when combined with a massage. If you don't, you can absolutely DIY. After a few minutes on the skin and muscles, this gel provides a relaxing heat and cooling sensation all at once. It totally mellows your muscles out - like an internal heating pad. It sells on Amazon.com for about $13 (I'm still always surprised to find things on Amazon other than books) and in random health food stores for a little more.

4) Now I realize that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge doesn't appear to be a "product" in the same sense as the others, but it is.
I originally bought this magical sponge for the kitchen (as most people do), but as I became more and more aware of its mystical powers I decided to take it elsewhere in the home and see what it was capable of. The most pleasant discovery that I made is that it's really good at cleaning white shoes. Why just today I wore my brand new white Dr. Marten boots out on the town, and of course picked up a few scuffs along the way. I got home, cut off a piece of the sponge with regular scissors, dampened it a little, and magically wiped the scuffs away. For you sneakerheads who insist on keeping those kicks immaculate, and for you rich folk with summer homes in the Hamptons who must wear white loafers and boat shoes (but only before Labor Day of COURSE) - this product is for you.

5. I'm going to do a complete 180 here and make this last product an edible one - everybody's favorite condiment (or at least it should be!) - Ketchup. I'm going to fill you in on a little piece of disgustingness here: most well-known ketchup brands include a completely unnecessary, completely bad for you ingredient that not only can our bodies NOT metabolize, but is packed with calories and actually shuts off our body's natural appetite control so we eat more...and gain more. The culprit: high fructose corn syrup. It's super bad for you, and ketchup is awesome and goes with practically everything!! So why not do a little good for yourself and stop by Trader Joes or Whole Foods or any other health food store and pick up a bottle of HFCS-free ketchup?! I think we could all do with a little more health and a little less fatass-ness.

There you go.
Go forth and buy...because believe me, you need these things.


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