Fiddy and Bette in a New York Garden

LOL. Sorry I came across this photo and couldn't resist:

Rapper/"actor" 50 Cent, and singer/actress Bette Midler pose together at a fundraiser for the environmental charity New York Restoration Project. At first I thought to myself, damn...you really can't find a more opposing duo. But then I started looking at the lyrics to some of their songs, and really...50 Cent and Bette Midler basically write about the EXACT same things!! I mean, kind of. The wording is slightly different:


50 Cent: "Shorty you ain't gotta take ya panties off just pull em to the side, if you wanna ride on the roller coaster baby come on and ride [...] Suck that, lick that, swallow that lollipop. Forget that grip that, ride it nonstop."
Bette Midler: "How 'bout a little bit, a little bit of late night romance underneath the starry sky? [...] We could hide inside the rhythm 'til the morning finds us, share a little ecstasy. Yeah, we could hide inside the rhythm 'til the morning finds us."


50 Cent: "Ay yo I treat you like you need to be treated like you're special, tie your hands to the bedpost when I caress you. When I met you it was Guess and Gap, now it's Gucci and Prada, took you from being a nine to being a dime."
Bette Midler: "Why this feeling? Why this glow? Why the thrill when you say hello? It's a strange and tender magic you do. Mister Wonderful, that's you."

50 Cent: "I want the finer things in my life so I hustle. Ni**a you get in my way while I'm tryin get mine, and I'll buck you, I don't care who you run with, or where you from, ni**a fuck you!"
Bette Midler: "Fancy money doesn't buy my love, flashy Cadillacs won't make me fuck. I been hustled by the best of them, and you ain't nothing but a crazy man."

Maybe they are the perfect duo after all...the perfect combo of freaky and refined, hard and soft, troubled yet privileged. Ha, maybe not.


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