Gordon Voidwell @ Pianos 4/25!

It ain't often we advertise events on the blog...but shit, Gordon Voidwell breaks all convention...in every way.
THIS SATURDAY, 4/25. If you live in NYC...or if you'll be visiting...or if you can get here for just one night, GV will be performing at Pianos (158 Ludlow St). Check his MYSPACE for the deets. There are several others on the bill - you can check them out HERE - but GV's name is biggest and he's at the top of the page...that's really all that matters. Dushane and I will be there, and we won't be the only ones. Plan on this joint being packed - and it's supposed to be 79 degrees on Saturday, so girls, break out your sexy skivvy things - and boys...I dunno, shorts?
(PS I finally got a romper, it will probably be making its debut).

And don't forget to holler at your duo! We'll be in the front, probably looking like this:
(people have been asking for pics of us, so there you have it!)

See you there suckaaaaaaas!


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