Buff Bully Crush: Jillian Michaels

I've been watching The Biggest Loser lately. Not because I like watching fat people lose weight (though that is kind of exhilarating). Not because it's emotional or because I learn things or because I like the suspense of the weigh-in. No, friends. I watch because, well, there's just something about Jillian.

She's mean. She's a super bitch actually. And she makes people sweat and whine so much, and I just wish it were me laying on the ground puking and crying for my mamma. There's nothing like the feeling you have after a horrifically fantastically sweaty workout, sipping your post-workout protein shake, feeling motivated and tired and nauseated and peaceful. I want to feel that every day and I want Jillian to yell at me like that drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket:

I want arms like Jillian, I want abs like Jillian and I want to be a trainer and yell at people like Jillian. She is my buff bully crush and watching her on the biggest loser makes me giddy.
I should also mention here that if you have Netflix, a lot of her workouts are on the instant play thing. They're pretty great and they make me giddy as well.

So since my workouts have hit semi-plateau status (yall who work out regularly know what that's like), I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and invest in my girl Jillian and her super scary gospel. I'm going to buy her book Making the Cut.
It's a 30-day combo workout and meal plan book, and though I probs won't really follow the meal plan (but who knows), I'm definitely looking forward to the fitness plan. I won't go into the details of the content because this isn't really that kind of blog - but if you're interested, my girl Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment reviewed the book last year...click HERE to see what she had to say. (As a side note, Michaels recently came out with a new book called Master Your Metabolism and Charlotte reviewed that one too).

So that's it. If you have experience with this book I'd love to hear about it...or if you just love Jillian. I'll keep you all updated with any kind of progress.

And I'll be watching the Biggest Loser tonight...holler!!



Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link lovage! I totally understand your girl crush on Jillian. Let me know how Making the Cut works out for you!!

maiah said...

Jillian's a bad ass bitch! And I love her for it.

Unknown said...

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