Monkey See, Monkey Stud

Sigh, I try as much as possible not to jock other peoples' styles...but damn I just couldn't help myself with this one:

As seen on Jak & Jil, model/photographer Hanneli Mustaparta is donning a pair of studded Bess jeans.
I couldn't resist ripping up my semi-new (like only worn like twice) Uniqlo jeans and attempting the look myself:
The silver cone studs were replaced with round, flat coin-like studs, but the sentiment is the same and hopefully it'll be less painful to sit on these ones (you happy now Du??!!).

I mean really, don't studs just make everything a little bit sassier?
Images from Fashion Indie

That's really all there is. My name is Mihal and I'm a copycat stud whore.



Lesli said...

well I'm glad you can admit it- that is the first step on the road to recovery

Annisa NF said...

studed is amazing :)


so damn random! said...

god I love this!