Kate Moss for Topshop = Peanut Butter for Jelly

Why is it that when you're at your brokest, you feel most enlightened and fashion saavy and ready to shop? I can't stop obsessing over Kate Moss's Topshop line. Even though it's "so last year" and even though I know I can't buy it, I keep going back to the website, just to look. I'm a masochist.

Maybe the clothes just look that good because they're on Kate Moss...or maybe that's what I have to tell myself to get through the day without handing my wallet over to Topshop. Below are the photos from HER SITE, and just for fun I've mixed them up with some of her quotes on there as well. Take a look:

"Never look like you've tried too hard - or rather don't try to hard! Mismatching can add a much more personal touch to an outfit."

"Mix old with new - the options are endless and it's good to make it your own vision. Recently for a friend's wedding, I paird a beautiful Chanel maxi dress with an antique blue velvet cape and a pair of huge Turkish hoop-earrings which gave the dress a totally unique feel."

"Don't take a vintage or second-hand piece on face value as it can be altered in so many ways. I've lopped the hem off many full-length gowns and made necklines lower. It does help to have a genius dress maker, otherwise just do it yourself!"

"When going out for the evening, think about your arrival - the accidental pairing of a battered leather jacket and floor sweeping gown looks amazing and effortless, as does an embroidered evening jacket paired with your old jeans!"

Ugh, there's something about each of those quotes...I can just picture Moss saying them in her mousy voice and British accent, holding a cigarette, eye makeup dark and smeared, with her thin legs folded over one another. Isn't there just something about being British and rock 'n' roll chic that makes one girl more fabulous than all other girls? (I mean she did score Johnny Depp back in the day).
So perfectly 90's. The leather, the hair...wait what was I talking about?

Oh yeah...Topshop. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll pull a Shoemania and make everything 50% off. Until then I guess I'm stuck with masochism.



Anonymous said...

I love Kate Moss!! and the topshop campaing si perfect!!

Unknown said...

This is a very unique compilation of pics. Love some of the styles here for sure!

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