I Miss Supermodels, Dammit!

I love models. Real models...not the catalog cheesy smile-for-the-camera models...no, I love the 5'9" and above, catwalking, sassy, sexy, above everybody and everything, sooo over everybody and everything, picture posing, thin, long-limbed ones. I especially love seeing them on the street (like I did today) and overhearing their Russian/Swedish/Portuguese conversations that probably go something like: "Life is so hard when you're perfect and beautiful...all people want to do is look at you." "OMG I know, do you think my shoes are too tall? Maybe I'll go to the cobbler and have him make them taller for free."

You know the ones I'm talking about, and can't nobody take photos of these girls out in the wild like Jak & Jil...take a look:

Now, while I love these statuesque beautiful creatures, I'll be the first to admit that they all look...well...relatively the same. Very unfortunately, the image of the 90's supermodel is gone. The 6 or 7 or 8 models that steal the show and appear everywhere - catwalks, magazine covers, parties - all girly teens aspire to become them, and all male teens want to, well, you know. These are the ladies I'm talking about:



Claudia Schiffer

Cindy Crawford





Ugh, such a beautiful thing. I just miss the era, that's all I can say. And though I love that certain labels and brands have brought them back for their campaigns...I gotta tell ya, it ain't the same. Thankfully MODELS BLOG (where a great deal of these images came from) continues to bring me old and new models gossip...the site is a recent find for me. If you're a model junkie like myself, I encourage you to take a cyber trip on over there.


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Bertrand said...

I think, for the people who truly know and love fashion, we ALL miss this era of big real working supermodels because they had personnality, style, ambitions!!! And they worked it now it's rare to find good models in the new crop of girls coming at every fashion week. Hopefully the 10 "next top models" that were entitled by American Vogue magazine by Anna wintour in the group cover last time will continue to rise