How FAR is too FAR // RAF oot si RAF woh

What the hell does that title mean? I just got excited when I started writing "How far is too far" then realized that "far" spelled backward is "raf"... aaaaaaand the topic of today's post is none other than designer Raf Simons. Hehehe. Raf Simons, for those of you who don't know, is a 41 year old menswear designer from Belgium. His Spring/Summer 09 collection is out for us commoners to see on HIS WEBSITE, and while I'm aaaaall about men's clothing experimentation and "metrosexuality" etc. etc. - Mr. Simons, I believe, is a little off his rocker. So, back to the original question...how far is too far?

Is there some kind of irony going on here? Listen, I understand the concept of fashion for fashion's sake...we see it in women's fashion all the time. For instance John Galliano's ENTIRE F2007RTW line!! Observe:

This line is Ready To Wear??? Are you serious??? Here with Galliano's line it's clear. Fashion=Art. Not artsy, not stylish, straight up frame-and-hang-on-your-wall art. But is Raf Simons making that statement with his line? "Take this with a grain of salt, guys"..."Don't worry this is only meant for the gays and the Europeans"... I really don't think so! I don't see the irony, and forgive me, but I don't see the art. I see shorts with a suit jacket, I see a SKORT with extra long biker shorts. Does this ruin my catwalk cred? Jesus I hope not. I feel like anybody who disagrees with me, in turn, agrees with this:

And for that, my friend, there is no salvation. Godspeed.


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Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

I must agree wholeheartedly with you. If any man that I was involved with tried to wear ANY of this stuff I would have him committed, preferably to the morgue. I'm sure I would shoot him!