Birth/Death of a Star

Last summer, street wear fashion made it from boutique obscurity to being the new, and current style of fashion for major retailers trying to peddle to the teeny bopper masses. The creative cult clothes went from being blog famous, to hood famous to world famous. It looks like the same thing is about to happen to Chicago indy-hop favorite- Kid Sister. For some this is the dopest thing to happen since red denim, for others it represents the end of an original and a danger to "the culture."

"Beeper" - The Count & Sinden ft Kid Sister
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Sis' new video comes after heightened fame, a la Kanye West 'Pro Nails' remix.

Even pop culture vulture Perez Hilton is diggin on her. Peep.

She's made The Fader, which is reasonably connected to the music scene she comes from, but is on the verge of legit main-stream-dom. Check this month's issue of XXL and Thursday's TRL (yes, the one on MTV).

Don't mix up my rhyme- I'm not saying she's selling out, shorty's gotta make money-of all people, SND gets that! As Kid Sis' supporters from her days before URB magazine put her on the cover, I hope pop culture treats her as well as she's treated us- we've all seen what the media can do to a perfectly normal person: Lindsay, Britney, Lil' Wayne, 50 Kanye (ever normal?). It'll just be a sad day to have to pay coliseum prices to see shorty get down, when we're all used to paying Studio B prices....we'll still do it, though.

In the sub-pop world, we're all looking to make a splash with some new ish. There's no problem with doing your thang and making some cash at the same time-the worst fans are the ones that are "too cool" to support the artist once they go "pop". Mo' money, mo' problems.

Really, the only frightening possibility is the potential tokenism that her fame will bring to the scene. Picture even more pseudo-hipster/scenester activity at every party, park and jam- her fame might open up a partially protected world to the for the masses to navigate. Bad? Good? Who knows.

The trick is to remember that your own attraction to Kid Sis and the rest of the indie world is internal and won't change if she sells a double platinum or wood-in-the-hood. Unless she all of a sudden stops returning your calls, or starts rapping on some Lil' Kim tip, it's all good.

As long as "Kid Sis' run things", we'll let her "do what it do".


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