American Apparel Winter Coats BLOW

Jeeeeeez American Apparel - you know I feel affectionately toward you, but DAMN - your winter coats are not only horrendous, but embarrassingly overpriced...even for you.

I know AA is supposed to fill a "basics" niche but shit, there's a difference between basics and straight up boring. My suggestion to you, AA (not that anybody asked) is to stick to what you do best: v-necks, sheer things, and gloriously skanky models (who wants to be on the AA website and see these chicks covered up?!).

If you wanna take a closer look at these terrible, terrible coats (why you would, I don't know), click here.



leather jackets for women said...

Its a very lovely and decent collection.

oblow leather jacket said...

Such a nice and elegant collection.

Simpli Spiritu said...

Seriously. Makes me wonder who the hell is buying this shit anyways?